A small independent distiller, specialising in moonshine, needed a new brand identity to work across a range of different spirits for their first product launch. It needed to provide standout packaging that elevated moonshine to the same high-end status as craft gin and other small batch spirits. 



I explored numerous typeface options and icon styles but ultimately landed on a treatment reminiscent of American Bourbon labels, using a modern rounded typeface and wide letter spacing. 


Final Brand Assets

I developed the logo, iconograhpy, typography and packaging. I wanted the logo to act as a simple but standout symbol that could be used alone or with in a lockup, providing a recognisable brand in any application space.  


I based the XXX icon around a simple insight, that on old moonshine barrels each X represented part of the distillation process, so XXX meant triple distilled pure alcohol. The extruding ascender and descender on the middle X represented taking the process in new directions, aligning old moonshine production techniques with modern flavours and evolving drinking trends. 

firebeardimage_07 copyfirebeardimage_07 copy